super committee

The debate over comprehensive tax reform and the implications of such reform on the tax credit program have been a long simmering issue in the affordable housing community. A flurry of reports on debt reduction over the past year and the debt-ceiling debate that followed have contributed to a fiscal and political environment that put many in the industry on watch.  So, with all of the attention this issue has been getting, what are the odds the low income housing tax credit is in any real danger from super-committee action? According to several industry experts, the answer appears to be low.

For starters, one of the committee’s co-chairs, Patty Murray (D – WA) is a staunch ally of affordable housing causes. “Patty Murray is very supportive of housing”, said Colleen Fisher, Executive Director of the Council on Affordable and Rural Housing. “John Kerry also has a very good track record… in general, amongst all members of the committee, there appears to be support on the tax credit side of things”.

Peter Lawrence, Senior Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs for Enterprise Community Partners, echoed Colleen’s sentiments, “Patty Murray has been a long standing champion of affordable housing and huge advocate for housing and community development.” He also mentioned Senator Kerry (D – MA) and Representative van Holland (D –MD) and Baccera (D – CA) as allies of the affordable housing cause.

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